Greenlink offers a wide variety of testing parameters to analyse all kinds of samples from different sources based on the available standards. However, some products/samples need to be analyzed using in-house/customized procedures. Greenlink helps the customer to get  their products analyzed through research based method development approach. 

  • Algae screening for microbial contamination
  • All kinds of minerals testing
  • Analyses of Toxic and other hazardous substances 
  • Anti-microbial Screening
  • Bio-diesel Analysis
  • Briquettes Testing
  • Cosmetic products Testing
  • Coal Testing
  • Custom developed Product – microbiological validation
  • Chemical and biological Testing
  • Food adulteration and contamination analysis
  • Food and Agriculture Products Testing 
  • Heavy metal analysis
  • Herbal and Ayurvedic Product testing
  • Hydraulic oil Testing
  • Mechanical Sludge analysis
  • Metals Testing
  • Probiotic Profile screening
  • Pesticide and mycotoxin analysis 
  • Product shelf life studies
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