Students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as research scholars, can receive training in various elements of the analytical and research laboratory fields at the Greenlink Testing and Research Laboratory in Coimbatore. The time allotted for the course is flexible in order to accommodate the needs of the participants. Students and researchers that are interested in the laboratory can contact the facility through their respective universities and institutions.

Students are given the opportunity to learn new skills and obtain valuable work experience through Greenlink’s internship program. Our educational program includes the utilization of a wide range of scientific instruments and pieces of apparatus, including the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, the UV Visible Spectrophotometer, the Flame Photometer, and the Kjeldhal Unit. In the training that we provide, one of the subjects that is covered is analytical techniques for analyzing water, wastewater, food, soil, and environmental contamination. Gaining relevant work experience while still a young graduate student is an essential component of establishing a successful career. When it comes to finding work, acquiring experience through an internship is one of the most effective ways to get your foot in the door.

20UMB035 Rumeshkumaran
8 February 2023
I like Friendly approach and way of teaching is so good.
20UMB003 Danush adiththiyan. A
8 February 2023
Lab is very good.. It's very use ful training to our career.. Faculties are very friendly.... And easy to learn . Faculties teaching is very well..internship training and project will do in best laboratory.
Avinash Sridharan
17 January 2023
I'm a high school teacher in Coimbatore. I got the opportunity to take our grade 12 children for a lab visit to their place. They maintain their labs with utmost quality and hygiene. The labs are well equipped with top quality instruments. The staff are well informed and friendly with visitors. They were warm and patient and took time out of their work to take us through the processes. It was a wonderful learning experience for us. Deep gratitude
6 January 2023
Really i learn more information in this greenlink lab ๐Ÿงช And also there are treated very friendly Thank u so much for this opportunity for me ๐Ÿ˜€
6 January 2023
Amazing training and I learned lots of new thing
Lathika Lathika
6 January 2023
I like this lab because of good teaching... I learn something new each day.
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