Greenlink Laboratory was founded in 2012 by a group of industrial specialists with a combined expertise of more than 20 years in the field. Greenlink is a cutting-edge environmental and microbiological research and extension laboratory that processes a wide range of samples representing ecological media such as air, water, soil, and food, as well as samples from industries, domestic and agricultural sectors, and automobiles, among other things. Through troubleshooting investigative study, it actively provides solutions to industries. More specifically, the Laboratory will assist in the analysis of all types of environmental issues relating to pollution, toxicity, and any other type of component that causes harm to a given environment.

Greenlink has stepped in to provide the services as part of its wider responsibilities in maintaining ecological balance and protecting various habitats, both of which are contemporary global challenges caused by advances in science and technology, as well as rising industrialization and urbanization.

A group of highly qualified ‘Doctor of Philosophers’ from the domains of environmental microbiology and applied microbiology planned and shaped this high-quality analytical and research laboratory. The ‘Philosophers’ have a sincere desire to give important, accurate, dependable, and, above all, cost-effective solutions through their tireless efforts. Greenlink is committed to dealing successfully with current/upcoming environmental and microbiological concerns by delivering effective research-based solutions to its customers as a vital cornerstone analytical/research laboratory. Greenlink delivers both qualitative and quantitative data to aid and ensure that its customers make sound decisions.

The Greenlink laboratory is housed in a 3000 square foot special modernistic facility that has been certified and accredited by key government and statutory organizations and contains the needed cutting-edge facilities and capabilities to handle and give any type of customer service.

You are welcome to Greenlink and de-link your issues!
With standards, we are committed to accuracy, quality, and excellence!

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