In Greenlink water and food testing laboratory, all operations are managed by well experienced and seasoned industry professionals with 25+ years of experience. We strive to make the testing process easy, accurate and scalable for our clients, and take special pride in our customer service, and technical assistance.


Greenlink Analytical and Research Laboratory (GLAR), Coimbatore is committed to provide the Highest standard of analytical service to its customers, based on best professional practice and the superior quality of service.

  • Commitment in Employing Qualified and Experienced personnel and to maintain quality in testing and serving the customer.
  • Aim of the Quality Management System which is to render reliable and accurate results, by using appropriate standards, specified procedures, chemicals, calibrated instruments and equipment.
  • Requirements to comply with the Managerial and Technical requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005. And also show improvement in implementing the effectiveness of the system.
  • The top management with its members has authorized the Chief Executive Officer to issue the quality policy and objectives after consultation and discussion.


ISO 9001:2015 ISO Certification (BMQR)


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